About Us

Lornna Olson and Adam Newton moved to an acreage in Saanich in 2011 to fulfill their long-time dream of opening a tranquil, custom-designed cat boarding kennel. Lornna and Adam have both enjoyed long and varied careers in the social services sector. They met in 2001 when they worked together as mental health support workers for the Capital Mental Health Association. They married in 2007.

Lornna’s mother Jacqueline Harrod-Olson, was a cat kennel operator and passionate cat fancier. Cats have been an important part of Lornna’s life since early childhood, and she ran a small, “word of mouth” cat sitting business from her Esquimalt home. Adam, on the other hand, grew up with a half-dozen birds and developed his infatuation with the feline persuasion through his relationship with Lornna. He is now an ardent cat-lover and experienced cat caregiver.

Lornna and Adam guarantee that every kitty who stays in our “Cattery” will receive the unconditional love and attention that they deserve.

Our business is dedicated to the memory of Jacqueline Harrod-Olson. She’s out there somewhere and I am sure that she is still somehow taking care of cats.