Facilities / Rates

We offer a variety of spacious enclosures suited to your cat’s needs depending on their age, physical capabilities, and personalities.

Features of our cattery include:

  • Radiant heated floors to keep all cats nice and comfy
  • Family suite with separator – suitable for 2 or 3 cats
  • Lofts for senior or physically compromised cats who should not climb up and down
  • Townhouses with climbing shelves and private bathrooms for more agile kitties
  • A play area for scratching and romping
  • Soft jazz for keeping your favorite feline cool and calm

Our Rates

$17.00 per day
$23.00 per day for kitties sharing the same suite

Family Suite

$28.00 per day (2 cats with option for separating)
$6.00 for extra cat

Deluxe Suites
We have 2 deluxe suites each with their own private catio:

Single deluxe – Suitable for one cat only
$21.00 per day

Double deluxe – Suitable for 2 cats
$27.00 per day

Additional information

Every 10th day is free.
Please contact us regarding check in/check out times.
Prices shown do not include tax (5% GST).