The Cattery

Preparing For Your Cat’s Stay


Preparing For Your Cat’s Stay

Before your cat stays with us we will need verification of their core vaccinations for FVR-CP- Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper), Feline Viral Rhinotrachitis, Feline Calicivirus- within the last 3 years.

For cats exempted from vaccinations, please provide us with a veterinarian’s letter or permission for communication with your cat’s veterinarian.

Cats should be vaccinated at least 10 days prior to their stay

Our Cattery is a flea-free zone and we wish to keep it that way. For your cat’s best protection we suggest that he/she be on a flea program. Cats that are found to arrive with fleas will be treated with Advantage at their owner’s expense.

FIV cats may board at our facility but will not be allowed outdoors due to their compromised immune systems. These cats will enjoy solitary play time in the common area to best protect other cats. Please let us know if your cat has been diagnosed with FIV.

We do not provide food given the varieties of food on the market. It is best that cats stay on their specific diets. We ask that you bring enough food for your cat’s visit. If your cat is under-going a dietary change please try to do this at least a week prior to his/her stay.

So that your cat may have a sense of familiarity, please bring a towel, small blanket or t-shirt-preferably NOT freshly laundered so that we can place it in your cat’s enclosure. Feel free to also bring a favorite toy or labeled brushes or combs. We will give cuddles, lap-time and/or brushing at no extra charge- providing that is what your cat would like.

We do not provide grooming services.

We provide litter boxes, litter, dishes for food and water. Please do not bring food dishes unless you feel that your cat will not eat/drink out of anything else

Should your cat become ill in our care we will try our best to involve your veterinarian. Otherwise we are very close to two animal hospitals- in the case of emergencies we would take your cat to the best option possible.

Please do not board your cat with us if he/she is showing signs of medical problems. Cats that suddenly start drinking large quantities of water or are having respiratory issues (coughing, sneezing) need attention from your veterinarian before they come to stay.

What To Expect

Most cats are generally not happy to leave their homes and will probably hide and not eat for 24 hours. Our townhouses and lofts are designed specifically so that your cat will feel safe and secure with a place to hide as they adjust to their new surroundings. We can use hormone sprays and rescue remedy (with your permission) to help keep your cats calm.

Within 24-48 hours most cats are generally eating and ready to go outdoors or to play in our common playroom.

"Lornna kept me informed of Ellie's status because she wasn't eating much at first and not very sociable. By the time I picked her up 2.5 weeks later she was hanging out in the "loft" with another cat and was obviously totally content. I highly recommend this facility and will definitely bring Ellie back when I need to and know that she is taken care of extremely well."
Lindsay Burton